The 2011 Brooklyn Bridge Pup Crawl will take place in the  fall of 2011, kicking off in
Manhattan’s City Hall Park. The event is a heavily attended and much
anticipated fund-raising event for dog-loving residents of New York City and the
surrounding areas that raises funds for needy pets across the country. The Pup Crawl began as a way to alleviate the pressure of the home foreclosure crisis on pet shelters across the United States.

The inaugural Pup Crawl event in 2009 attracted more than 300 dog and human
participants, who crossed the Brooklyn Bridge with an illuminated leash to draw
attention to the cause. The Pup Crawl has attracted the attention of major media
outlets, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Supporters
of the event have  included Petfinder, PetSmart™, Pet Head™, IAMS™, and celebrity dog trainer Andrea

This year, The Pup Crawl has partnered with The Humane Society of The United
States — as well as local animal shelters and rescues across the country — to
bring the impact of The Pup Crawl nationwide.  In addition to corporate
sponsors, we are seeking select local small-business sponsors (located
in the five boroughs of New York City) to help offset costs in key areas,
including: Park Permits and Licensing, Signage and Registration, Gift Bags, Staging
and Security. Any excess sponsorship monies raised will be distributed directly to
and equally among our non-profit partner shelters and Pets for Life NYC, a surrender
prevention program of The Humane Society of the United States.

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